Friday, September 8, 2017


For those who live in Terminal all day Bash-Snippets provides the following 12 useful tools (BASH scripts):
  1. currency – Currency converter.
  2. stocks – Provides certain Stock details.
  3. weather – Displays weather details of your place.
  4. crypt – Encrypt and decrypt files.
  5. movies – Search and display a movie details.
  6. taste – Recommendation engine that provides three similar items like the supplied item (The items can be books, music, artists, movies, and games etc).
  7. short – URL Shortner
  8. geo – Provides the details of wan, lan, router, dns, mac, and ip.
  9. cheat – Provides cheat-sheets for various Linux commands.
  10. ytview – Watch YouTube from Terminal.
  11. cloudup – A tool to backup your GitHub repositories to bitbucket.
  12. qrify – Turns the given string into a qr code.
You can run the scripts directly from commandline.